~Roommates and bed sharing and coffee shops, oh my!~

From Coffee Shops to Slow Burns is a Yuri!!! On Ice zine serving up your favorite tropes!

Preorders Open Until November 30TH!



    • This zine is rated PG-13 This rating, as it is in movies, contains slightly more intense material than a PG-rated story, but is not as intense as an R-rated story. References to violence or mature themes may appear, but not be described in detail. Actual sex may be implied to happen, although sex scenes are usually still "fade to black."

    • We will not accept any piece that contains permanent major character death or non-con elements.

    • All applicants must be 18+

    • This zine allows all Yuri On Ice characters - no matter the age, but all ships must be between consenting adults; this means if you’re shipping someone who’s a minor (ie: Yurio) you must age him up for your piece.

    • This is a trope zine, which are those concepts that we love in fan works so much (such as: there was only one bed, or they were roommates, or mutual pining, or getting snowed in together, or slow burn, or enemies to lovers, or love at first sight, or fake dating, or oblivious pining, or hurt/comfort, or secret dating, etc.) as well as those tropey settings that we can't get enough of (such as: coffee shops/bakeries, swimming, witches, royalty, etc.)! We encourage all sorts of tropes, from the common to the obscure, whether the setting is an AU or canonverse, fluffy or angsty, as long as things are kept SFW and appropriate fic tags are used.

    For Writers

    • Writers will submit an unpublished story with a max word count of 3,500 words (with the leeway limit of 100 words max) in a Google Document. At the top of your piece, state the total word count and list tags like you would when publishing on AO3 (like: AU type, relationships, warnings, fluff/romance).

    • You do not have to have a formally beta’d work but it is strongly encouraged. If you’re completely happy with your piece when you send it in, that’s all we ask. After the deadline, there will be a copy editing phase in which your work may be corrected for spelling, grammar, and punctuation only.

    • You can use some rated R language, but excessive swearing will not be accepted. Absolutely no slurs or hate speech of any kind will be tolerated.

    • If your story contains material that may be triggering, please check with us first, and if it fits the guidelines, you must include a trigger warning!

    For Artists

    • Artists will submit both a CMYK and RGB version of your piece. The CMYK file can be a tiff or psd. The RGB should be a png or jpg. Please ensure that your CMYK version is formatted to 300dpi, and that both measure to 5.5 x 8.5 inches (with the art continuing to the edge).

    • Art does not have to be full color, but it is encouraged!

    • Comics are allowed! But there will be limited availability for multi-page spreads to keep our page count decent, so please let us know ASAP if you’re interested in doing a multi-page comic or spread!

    • If you are creating a double spread or comic, please submit both the whole piece and the separate pages as separate files. Your separate pages need to measure to 5.5 x 8.5 inches each and have the page number written at the end of the file title (e.g. …Title of piece Page 1).

    • This zine is generally going to be more light-hearted but if there’s some reason to feature blood or darker material (say for a vampire AU) please keep it fairly limited or check with the mods about what’s allowed.


    What is the zine rating?
    PG-13, or the equivalent of the Teen rating on AO3. This rating, as it is in movies, contains slightly more intense material than a PG-rated story, but is not as intense as an R-rated story. Violence may be described in detail some readers may find disturbing. References to mature themes may appear, but not be described in detail. Actual sex may be implied to happen, although sex scenes are usually still "fade to black." The content would not be inappropriate in modern young adult fiction.

    Is this zine for-profit or for-charity?
    This is intended to be a split-profit zine, meaning half of the profits will go to charity and half will go to the contributors, provided the zine makes profits of at least $1000.00. If it makes profits less than $1000, the entire amount goes to charity!

    Will you announce the amount donated to charity?
    Yes! Once orders and fulfillment have been completed, we will make an announcement with the total amount donated to charity.

    How do I get the zine?
    The zine is available for purchase during our pre-order period, which runs from October 2, 2021 to November 30, 2021.

    What if I miss the pre-orders?
    The zine in its entirety is only available during pre-orders. We do expect there to be a limited quantity of leftovers, which will be made available during a leftover sale. Also, all contributors will be allowed to publicly post their individual pieces on a specified date after final fulfillment of orders.

    What if I need to cancel my pre-order?
    Provided you cancel before orders are shipped, we’ll be happy to accommodate.

    Do you accept returns?
    While we won’t issue a refund after your order is shipped, if something is damaged or misprinted, we will be happy to replace the item.

    What if I miss out on the zine entirely?
    Don’t worry! There will be more zines to come! Keep an eye on the blog even after this zine ends for information on future projects!


    Can anyone apply to be a contributor?
    This zine is currently open only to applicants over the age of 18.

    How many contributors is the zine planning to feature?
    The zine plans to feature 50 total contributors ~ 35 artists (including cosplayers) and 15 writers.

    What are the application requirements?

    Writers will be required to link three fics of no more than 3000 words each. At least one must be Yuri on Ice. If any fics are over 3000 words, please provide instructions as to which portion of the fic you wish to be considered in your application. For writer applications, we will be reviewing grammar and punctuation, characterization, plot, creativity, and pacing.

    Artists will be required to link to three pieces of artwork. At least one must be in full color and at least one must be Yuri on Ice. For artist applications, we will be reviewing general knowledge of fundamentals such as anatomy, composition, and coloring, as well as creativity and originality.

    Cosplayers will be required to link to three samples of cosplay. At least one must be Yuri on Ice. For cosplayer applications, we will be reviewing accuracy, performance, costume, setting, and photography.

    Can I apply if I’ve never done a zine before?
    Absolutely! Artists, writers, and cosplayers who have no experience are just as valid as those who do!

    Can I apply as both a writer and an artist?
    Absolutely! There will be individual applications for writers, artists, and cosplayers, so you’ll need to fill out all that apply.

    Can my application samples include NSFW pieces?
    Yes! Though only SFW pieces will be allowed in the zine, your application samples can include NSFW submissions. Please, however, do not submit any samples that contain major character death or non-con elements.

    How will I know if my application was approved? Will only those selected as contributors get notified?
    Do not fear! All applicants will receive an e-mail, regardless of whether they have been accepted as contributors.


    • NOV 10 - Interest Check

    • JAN 5 - Contributor Applications Open

    • FEB 28 - Contributor Applications Close

    • MAR 15 - Results emailed

    • APRIL 15 - 1st Check-In

    • MAY 15 - 2nd Check-In

    • JUNE 15 - 3rd Check-In

    • JULY 30 - Final Submissions

    • OCT 2 to NOV 30 - Pre-orders!


    Founder and Co-Lead Mod

    Asagi is a professional writer and a casual disaster bi who enjoys fawning over werewolves and loudly screaming about female superheroes. She was dragged into YOI when it first started airing and now there's no chance you'll ever get her to leave. This is her 17th zine as a mod and her 20th in total, because she has no self-control. She'll be handling general production duties, finance, and shipping.

    Co-Lead Mod

    Jie is a seeker of happiness, lover of all furry souls, and superhero in the eyes of her cats. She spends her days doing professional writing and advising, and generally keeping people’s ducks in rows. The rest of her time is spent reading and writing Yuri on Ice and Naruto fanfiction, getting lost, believing in magic, and daydeaming with abandon. This is her third zine as a mod. She’ll be handling general production duties, social media, and organization.

    Graphic Design Lead

    Mystic is a 23-year-old artist who loves participating in and running various fan events and zines. Professionally, she works as an IT Field Technician and loves playing around with new technology. In her free time, she can often be found drawing artwork for Yuri on Ice and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure or showering her cat with love. This will be the eighth zine Mystic has participated in and her second as a moderator.

    Layout Designer

    Bullsfish is a Finnish artist and the occasional writer. During the day she is working on finishing her architecture masters. She first started actively participating in fandom after getting into Yoi and has now participated in over 15 zines in different fandoms. This is the fourth zine she is making the zine layout for.

    General Mod

    Amitiel is a fandom veteran at an age older than Viktor Nikiforov. When they aren’t writing fanfics or doing fandom work, you can usually find them baking or relaxing with their three cats and husband. Usually, Amitiel is found in the FFXV fandom but has been a Yuri on Ice fan since its inception, including using the beautiful music in the anime as their wedding music and meeting Johnny Weir.

    General Mod

    Aze is a panda writer, hopeless binge-reader, nature lover, and music addict. She’s constantly juggling so many ideas that her brain (and fingers) can’t keep up. She's loved Yuri on Ice fiercely from the first minute of History Maker and her addiction grows every day. She also loves a good laugh and you can sometimes catch her doing memes when no one's looking. This is Aze's second zine as a moderator and she'll be helping with general mod duties.

    Special Thanks

    We'd also like to give special thanks to Jen ~ the creator behind our beautiful icon and banner designs!

    Icon and Banner Design

    Jen is a 21 y/o artist currently studying 2D animation! She recently came into the zine scene as a graphics mod and loves helping projects come together! For years, Jen has loved YOI for its inspiring story, hilarious characters, and for the beautiful music and animation.